Obesity and anxiety due to excessive weight gain

Before we get to know about the obesity and anxiety problem caused due to the excessive weight gain, we should first know what anxiety is. We all know anxiety in general as a form of stress that affects the normal functioning of the brain and leaving it in a confused state of thinking all that happened wrong.

Understand Anxiety

In briefly, anxiety is a normal reaction to stress which we would experience on the normal basis. But for some people, this anxiety level can be increased more which will result in the impact of their ability to complete their daily activities and affects their reactions and function properly in other parts of life.

Anxiety disorder has been divided into various types such as panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, and obsessive compulsion disorder, and all these would display some variety of symptoms. Though the anxiety disorder types might be different in its own way they all end up in causing a persistent state of fear and worry in an individual where others would not feel threatened. Some individuals would experience some unwanted thoughts or repetitive behaviors (OCD). People would also experience some other physical terms such as pounding of the heart, trouble in breathing or being easily startled.

Over a time of period, if the anxiety disorder has been left untreated, then the symptoms would have been left lasting and it would cause an impact on a person’s both physical and mental health. Some people would go on creating some other mental issues such as depressions or social phobia. People would also try to get over from anxiety by using drugs or narcotics and in the end resulting in an addiction to it and would develop some more severe anxiety issue. Furthermore, battling with anxiety may also be resulted in hard to sustain in the employment and maintaining the successful relationship with others.

Obesity and Anxiety

There is a lot of proofs that have been taken through experiments on people and some other reviews given by the people who suffer obesity has said that obesity would cause anxiety. Gaining excessive weight not only hurts your self-esteem but also it would lead to the causing of anxiety as a result of some behavioral change. Obesity necessarily does not cause anxiety but it could contribute to it. But it is important to note that obesity would somehow result in anxiety disorder and can occur under different conditions. Make a note that just like anxiety, overweight can also occur due to many other causes. And when anxiety contributes to weight gain, but you do not gain weight simply due to anxiety problem alone.

Anxiety connection with Obesity

Just know this fact that anxiety may increase your metabolism, which would conceivably result in increased weight loss and not weight gain. Anxiety would put your entire body condition in both the fight or flight mode (a confused state or inability to take a decision) which would prepare you to run away or stand and fight for a moment. It would increase your anxiety and uses up your body’s energy stores.

Obviously, we know that anxiety will not help people to lose their weight, as people who are suffering extreme stage of anxiety would have lost weight very fastly. The reason that anxiety may contribute to increasing in weight that includes:

  1. Cortisol

Cortisol is a stress hormone which would be released by those who are suffering from anxiety problem. Cortisol would allow the fat to be stored in your stomach which would increase your weight and as said, the longer you feel stress, the more you would gain your weight.

  1. Change in Digestion

Anxiety would reduce your metabolism resulting in an effect your digestion. It can slow down or alter your digestion. This slow in digestion would result in increasing your weight, especially for a very long time.

  1. Inactivity

Inactivity occurs due to anxiety resulting in fatigue, and overall lack of energy. By moving here and there would result in burning calories and if you are staying low without any movement, then you might not burn your calories which results in weight gain. As you know, the weight gain was usually associated with calories input and calories output ratio so it is just to maintain these ratio else it would result in weight gain.

  1. Anxiety treatments

In general, most of the anxiety medicines would contribute to weight gain for an example, Xanax, the most popular anti-anxiety medication in the world, however, it has been connected to weight gain in the past. Also, any depressants that you take which causes fatigue would eventually provide less activity.

  1. Eat and Cope

Isn’t it obvious that most of the people tend to eat more when they are undergoing some serious anxiety problem and however, this would make them resulting in positive feeling. But eating more due to anxiety would definitely lead to weight gain. The more you eat, the more weight you gain.

Keep in mind this two obesity and anxiety also develop either for independent reasons or for similar reasons. Inactivity would cause a significant increase in both the weight and anxiety in people and also due to poor diet, the anxiety would get increasingly more and these issues results in contributing the both simultaneously and that the one will not cause any damage to the other.

But more than that, it is more important to hold to self-confidence and self-esteem. But most of the people who are struggling with obesity would end up in developing anxiety problems, as they are overly concerned about their health and appearance. Metabolism will start to slow down and for people around the same age would develop anxiety such as panic disorder more extensively. All these other links would contribute to obesity and anxiety problems.

Methods to treat Anxiety Obesity

Apart from the cause of obesity due to anxiety which has been discussed in the above description, it has given a relief that any obesity can be treated, no matter how it was caused either due to anxiety or overeating. But it is essential to make sure that you have truly understood the causes and treatments of obesity. The following will help you to know more about treating your obesity.

  1. Calories are essential and not

As you know, calories are real hell. Most of the weight gain problems have been associated with an increase in calorie count. To know the secret to lose your weight, just keep up with the following. You should have your latter number to be high, which results in a decrease of your calories count intake and increase in calorie output. However, you sure do have plenty more thing to do.

There are few other tricks that would help people to improve metabolism such as taking weight loss medication such as Phentermine which would reduce your appetite so that the intake amount of food will be less and also choose some diets that would help you to reach out more in reducing your calorie count. Eating some healthy foods is not that necessary to lose your weight, but it does help in improving your health and in turn helps in improving your anxiety.

  1. Avoid Fad Diets

Some of the diets that make you eat only certain things or else restrict you from eating, they are called as fad diets, and kindly avoid such diets when you are suffering from anxiety. Fad diets do lead to weight loss but it causes due to starvation. If you are taking any kind of juice diets or citric diets that kind of fancy which has been recommended online, then you are really just starving to reduce your weights. Your weight just stays the same as if you are taking very less amount of food.

You should also have to know that starving yourself also has its downsides. At first, your weight starts to reduce, as your body will start to slow down with its metabolism so that it does not use up all the food (less amount of food/fad diets that you take) quickly. By this, if you again start to eat normally again, then you will gain weight faster than the fad diets that you take.

The second thing is that when your body lack calories and nutrients, it will lead to increase in anxiety. Starving will induce stress on your brain and affects your health. So, it is clear that you should have to avoid taking fad diets which pushes you to starve. Just reduce your calorie intake and eat only healthy foods is always good which will help you in weight loss.

  1. Exercise for both Physical and Mental health

So, to reduce weight, you should definitely have to shed some calories. But do not starve yourself for that, as it only increases your anxiety. Taking food that contains high proteins and energies would also do. For calorie output, exercise is also an another best thing to work it out. A Physical exercise will help you to lose your weight and stabilize your body.

But exercise will value your physical health to cope with the obesity problem, but to cure your anxiety, mental exercise is also necessary. Doing some mental exercise will release neurotransmitters that would improve your mood and reduces the stress hormones. Mental exercise will also help in regulating your body and keeps every part of your body to work efficiently.

Since you keep your body weight healthy, then your mental health can be greatly improved by regular exercise. Consider it strongly.

  1. Stop Monitoring your weight

When it comes to reducing your weight, you should have to stop monitoring it. It is very important that whenever you constantly monitor your weight, you will see the numbers that would make you unhappy and you might feel low or discouraged. This is directly proportional to anxiety levels. You might feel very anxious about your weight when you are checking on the weight scale daily. But if you want to know the weight loss amount, then do check it once in a month. It would result in positive and you can find some progress than it was in the previous month. Checking your weight every day would increase your anxiety and might also cause you to lose hope and feel unmotivated.

  1. Turn back on your Anxiety

As long as you want to get over with your obesity, in the same way, you should also have to treat your anxiety. As you now know that anxiety would lead to weight gain and you might go struggle to control it if you cannot control your anxiety. You can also get to know your anxiety level using the online facility that is an available plethora.

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