My Real Life experience and outcome of taking phentermine for weight loss

before-and-after-after-taking-phentermineI would like to introduce myself as Hunter Hobbs and I started this blog and site based on my experiences with the Phentermine medication.

For more information on why I chose this journey and how it has shaped my life for better, please continue digging into my story.

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My journey down the line – Who am I?

I am a fairly healthy male in my mid-30’s, who was tall enough not to be called short. I have a routine 9 to 5 desk job and I am someone who eats out regularly, leading a peaceful life on the whole. However, one thing disturbed me for a long time and it has been the number on my weight scales, which don’t look good. I weighed at a hovering value of 140-145lbs, though my weight never crossed this mark. I really love to eat and I am not one of those people who don’t gain weight no matter how much they eat. I could easily put up weight if I stayed up on my couch, binge-watching any movie or series. I could see the backside girth generally increasing with time and I knew it reached a point when I had to keep things under control. I had never really been concerned about my weight until this point when I knew I had to do something to transform both my body and overall life.

The tides of change


Certain circumstances in my life had put me in a cold spot forcing me to embrace dark months of relative inactivity, which in turn beefed me up to the maximum. Getting back into good shape was not really an easy job for me but the dark days put me on the right track, motivating me to fight for good shape. These days of inactivity increased the amount of sugar and carbs intake, which in turn led to the increased waistline and my weight reached an unbelievable 226 lbs.

Acknowledging the horror


It was heart-breaking to see my weight scales reach a value like that. It was tremendously devastating to even think about it. I then took up an oath to consume healthier food sections and conservative portions that could put me back in shape in no time. However, with just a few weeks into the diet routine, I understood that food isn’t the only aspect I will have to focus on. Also, the intemperate weather made it big chaos for me where I had to increasingly consume sugars and carbs.

Gearing up for fitness

Initially, with some strict diet, I could see a few pounds off the chart. But, after that, the same wasn’t guaranteed as the girth flab on the hip region refused to fade away. This is the point when I took up a membership at a local gym. With some good cardio exercises regularly, my fitness levels started improving and the fat loss map looked attractive. But again, the fat loss process showed no improvement after a point even with a dedicated fitness regime.


After a point, I realized nothing was working, I got hit with the next refusal that was very devastating. I even reached a point where I was okay to give up the quest to bring my health and energy to a still point. I dropped down the hours I used to spend time for exercise and also just the basics were right. I realized I needed something more in addition to the routine to amplify the process. With all that diet process and weight loss solutions in action, I still saw that my weight was dropping slowly and with that rate, I could see myself regaining my body shape as a very distant dream as that was not achievable any time soon.

Hitting a new low

Once, I understood that my body refused to give up on the remaining fat, I was searching for all ways to curb down my weight as much as possible. I was even introduced to traditional diet routines that really came down on me heavily. I even started feeling low and was on the brink of depression since I wasn’t able to reach my destination with time. However, friends, advice from the trainer and certain things like these kept me going. It was at that point when I started searching the Internet for remedies and other supplements that could break the stillness of the body reduction process.

Meeting old friends

After a few weeks, I met my old school friends with whom I had completely lost contact once the journey of life took its turn in different ways. It was indeed very exciting to meet old prospects and to catch up with them on several new events and shows. I was happy on one side but what really tormented me was my bad shape while my other friends were maintaining their body in a good way with proper techniques all through the years. This meets up, I planned to make it with my friend due to the thought that I would not think about my weight anymore and stress myself. Because the stress took a heavy toll on me and I was not able to focus on anything else. But still, I thought I was a bit saddened, the reunion kept me all cheered up most of the time. I was eventually happy that I decided to meet them.

A New Hope

A few weeks went by with meeting old friends and gaining new ones in the process. By accident, I had met a friend with whom I had lost complete contact during the school days. He was doing great and he looked very different from the memories I had. I later realized that he had been trying to lose so much weight like me and then ended up with a miracle drug that led to a successful fat-loss transformation. The non-prescription alternative that my friend had come across through an online drug store was Phentermine. I then took time to study a lot about Phentermine, digging myself researching on the product and its capabilities to help with weight loss.

My Homework

Through my extensive research, I understood that Phentermine had been receiving a lot of positive reviews from the users and customers due to the performance of the medication. Though Phentermine is new to the market, it has been put under the Schedule IV classification that means that the product is prone to be abused if it is not used properly. However, the potential for abuse with Phentermine is considered to be low. I had also referred to the overview of a renowned medical practitioner, who had recognized Phentermine to be an effective supplement for weight loss. Phentermine is generally recommended by doctors for instances where the diet and exercise programs generally don’t bring in the much-needed results. The practitioner has published a wide range of works and books on nutritional weight management. My initial thoughts about Phentermine were that it could be purchased even without a prescription but I later realized that I can legally get my hands on the medication only after receiving a prescription from the physician.

I went through most of the information that was stated on the Mayo clinic website where a medical practitioner had identified the medication to be very effective against obesity. Phentermine is mostly used in instances where patients don’t respond to other weight loss medications and similar programs. The Medical Practitioner goes by the name Donald Hensrud, who holds a very high position in the Division of Preventive medicine. Being an accomplished physician, he mainly focuses on weight management and nutritional health development. He has been the main guy who directed the Mayo Clinic Health Program for nearly ten years.

Initially, I was a bit concerned as I understood Phentermine could be purchased only with a prescription. I have already spent much time with doctors on a list of tests, which made me feel like a lab rat. Also, in return, I had received only as much as less advice that could change my life for better. I felt awful to repeat this procedure all from the start as I had no notion to visit any pathologist for the same. Hence, I looked for Phentermine alternatives that could work well in the long run. At last, I finally stumbled upon a supplier who had earned the trust of people through credible reviews.

Phentermine is the most prescribed and sought weight loss drug in America right now. Actually, it is illegal today to buy Phentermine without a prescription in the USA the legal way. If you are someone who lives in the US, you will find it difficult to buy it illegally. Also, make sure that you buy your medication from a potential online seller who is authentic.

My first Phentermine purchase

I eventually ordered my first pack of Phentermine pills from a reputed online vendor who is trustworthy and reliable. The tablets contained the same ingredients as the prescription and these compounds led to better results with very fewer side effects and it was a lot safer than other supplements I had taken in the long run. It is important to research all your way into the specific supplier’s profile to make a successful purchase at any of the online dispensaries. I had my reasons before I made up my mind to choose that particular seller for my Phentermine. I was also able to get my hands on The Canadian drugs 4 less, which can be availed without a physician’s prescription. Also, this variant was being sold at a very less price compared to other drug store prices and also, they offered immense information on use, diet and other related doubts.

I could see the light finally

As mentioned by the online seller, I got my medication pack delivered right at my doorstep without any hassle. I also got complete information on how I will have to shape my diet and exercise programs from the manufacturer. This even helped me plan my schedule very well so that everything went on smoothly.

A minor Detour

I initially thought it was the end of all my struggles and that I was going to end it all. But the sudden relief was short-lived as I started reflecting on my effects of stress. For the first time, I even went through a lot of exercise-related injuries that took a heavy toll on me. These injuries, in fact, prevented me from taking part in the regular exercise schedule and work routines, resulting in a drop in the amount of fat I was losing.

Success is sweet when the journey is painful


I had ordered a reserve supply that could last up to four weeks or so. I had it delivered in five to six days. Without much delay, I go on board with my weight loss routine with Phentermine. When I started this regime, I weighed 202 lbs after losing some weight with the self-medicated procedures. I then resorted to a 12-week diet and exercise plan with Phentermine to reap huge benefits from the drug supplement. The diet was the hardest part and small cardio and simple exercise routines at home helped me lose a lot of weight in just 3 months. With the given time, I regained my lean shape by reducing my weight up to 40kgs. Yes, at the end of the 12-week weight loss program, my weight scales showed me 160lbs and that was the best moment of all. I even made a time-lapse video on how the transformation changed my life for better.

Diet or No diet?

I personally believe every particular diet routine works for specific individuals and hence, you will have to discover the diet plant that might be better for your health and metabolism. I started cooking my own meals and I rarely ate out. One small tip that I could give you is that you will have to keep track of the food you eat for a better idea of the number of calories you intake generally. Once, I got to know the values, sticking to the plan and being aware of what I was eating helped me a lot in the process.

Let’s go Pre-Historic

I actually did not take up a diet routine as so many others think. I just adopted a simple change in my lifestyle, which can also be called as paleo lifestyle or caveman diet. This diet is mainly focused on exploring the natural requirement of one’s bodies. You can very well go on a fast if you don’t feel hungry. Also, eating meals at predetermined times must be stopped with immediate action. It is always better to take in organically grown salads and vegetables and cut out on the ones that are filled with a lot of preservatives. You actually need not keep a count on your calories when you eat. You can eat meat veggies or anything you like but they will have to be organic food and not the junk ones. You can also drink coffee only if you do not go about taking up more than three or four cups a day. Also, taking water whenever needed and possible can keep you hydrated all the way. Water actually helps so much with weight loss and flushing of toxins; however, you should not take it beyond a limit as it could lead to certain complications.

You will have to follow this lifestyle as this is all the more natural and it might even put in front of you a lot of uncertainties. But you will have to follow it and have new questions as to which one of the foods are allowed and which ones aren’t. You can go through a lot of journals and other explanations on how this diet serves to be a game-changer for weight loss in a natural way.

Final thoughts

Sorry, if my story was a bit long but I can assure you that it is worth it since individual experiences are important for us to embrace the miracles around us. Cutting it short, you can order Phentermine from the reputed online vendors listed on our site. The list comes with some great research and you can completely trust it to experience happiness, health and a heightened sense of well-being.

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Lara JohnsonMy name is Hobbs, I wish to share my own experience with you and how phentermine turned my life into a great on. If you wish to know my whole life story read my blog post here. here.

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